‘Bakery’ Box


This bakery box will have your mouth watering! With five fantastic bakery scents, this box is sure to have you craving for more!

Cinnamon Buns
Top Notes: butter, cherry
Mid Notes: cinnamon, nutmeg, maple sugar
Base Notes: baked dough

Pain Au Chocolat
Top Notes: Butter, flaky dough
Mid Notes: Chocolate, baked goods
Base Notes: Whipped sugar, vanilla

Pecan and Maple Danish
Top Notes: Cocoa, clove, ginger
Mid Notes: Nutty, coffee, milk
Base Notes: Caramelised vanilla, musk, sandalwood

Buttery Croissant
Top Notes: Butter and baked goods
Mid Notes: Bread, cream and milk
Base Notes: Sweet and vanilla for richness

Coffee Mocha
Top Notes: Sweet, creamy, coconut
Mid Notes: Floral, fruity, buttery
Base Notes: Musk, vanilla, caramel

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